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    Just wanted to let you know we received the 1 moon balloon from Fenigal(China) and have done our due diligence/testing andwe are so happy with it. We' d like to move forward with the attached invoice. Please send this ACH ASAP so Harry and his team can get moving with the production of the other 9 Balloons.
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    Awesome, as soon we received the product, we tested some of them !!.. really impressive.. the quality is really good..
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    I put these in my clients party balloons which were a big hit. Worked great for what I needed. I will definitely get these again for other events.
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    Awesome addition to a party! These were great! Everyone loved them! Worked perfect, easy to use!
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    I had the lights turned on (except for testing purposes yet), but they are a nice size and seem to be pretty bright. I have been looking for battery operated lights for my projects and these seem like they will work nicely as they are individual so you can use as few or as many as you want -
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Railway Mining Safety Backpack Balloon Lights In Tungsten Halogen / LED / HMI

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name HAFE
Certification CE
Model Number Industries
Minimum Order Quantity 1UNIT
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details Hicase packing or carton packing
Delivery Time 5-8working days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 1000units/year

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Product Details
Series Sun™ Lamp Type Metal Halide Lamp
Model Sun140DM-Sun600DM Standard USA Standard
Grid Voltage Low Voltage 12/24/48V DC Balloon Material Nylon Material
Lamp Watt 140W-600W Use Occassion Earth Moving, Excavation And Demolition
High Light

multiquip balloon light


inflatable lighting balloon

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Product Description

Safety backpack balloon lights in tungsten halogen or LED or HMI used in railway or mining


Backpack balloon lights in tungsten halogen is made for industrial site lighting has below features
  • glare free,
  • 360degree illumination,
  • flicker free,
  • high light efficacy (LED),
  • quick and easy setup,
  • portability and easy to carry etc.
  • available in LED, HMI or metal halide light source version.
Railway and mining industry use our balloon light for a temporary work site lighting for conveninent 360degree effficient glare free illumination, patrol check purposes.

Balloon lights are built under several industrial standards

  • EN60598,
  • BS5266,
  • EN1838,
  • EN12464 etc.
It satisfy general requirement of electrical & lighting performance and safety regulations.
Besides, it highlights safety, bright, energy efficient, durable and portable features that put plant or site maintenance staff with quick response, efficiency and more safety, convenience. It is taken as temporary lighting or emergancy lighting at site in most industrial cases.

The benefits of our glare free balloon lights,

  • Glare free - no glare, no hassle means more safety on road for both workers and drivers.
  • Less eye fatigue -  Our balloon lights or inflatable light tower cast very soft lght in human eyes which makes it felt comfortable and no tensioned feeling at all.
  • Large area illumination - up to 4,800w in HMI, with illuminated area of over 20,000 square meter.
  • our HMI lighting balloons has a very similar color temperature around 6000k, which makes its color rendering index (CRI) high and colors or colored objects could be told more accurately.
  • Flicker free electronic is available for a even better light quality.
High portability - (portable range up to 1000w only)
  • the Sun series balloon light and columus inflatable light tower has portable range with compact packing option in Pelican type air-tight portable plastic case of IP67 or IP68.
  • The weight of a single unit is somewhere between 10~20kg, easily put into the trunk back of a car.
  • LED drives or ballast gears are compact to deploy and connect to make it work. Further, a cylindrical cased version of packing is available at special request.

Our lighing balloons has been an important lighting type for the industries as non-glare option, especially in oil & gas, power plant maintenance, power grid or cable line maintenance, industrial area, railway, mining outdoor site, heavy industrial manufacturing locations etc.



  • Air-inflated balloon structure with s  Kelvar material or PTFE material is optional for envelope for much more endurable use
  • Primarily for tripod stand mount, backpack, pole mount, equipment mount etc .application
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Different efficienct light source available -
  • Perfectly compatible to global electrical power in AC110, 120, 220, 230V etc. 
  • Start and work directly - tungsten or with electrical ballast (HID)or drive (LED). A battery work mode is available at its

Standard ranges:

  • Portable - 80w~400w. 
  • Standard - 400w~2,000w. 
  • Ex - 2,000w~4,800w.
Besides, Sun could also be classified into below categories on light source and control varions:
Sun Tungsten halogen - 650~4,000w;
Sun LED (white 3000k/6500k optional) - 60w~600w; custom 800w~1,200w;
Sun HMI (quick hot-restrike) - 575w~4,800w; (>1000w is not for portable use)
Sun MH (metal halide) - 150w~4,000w;


1) lighting/illumination 2) signal 3) communication


Our lighting balloons and inflatable light tower could be widely used for a list of industries not limited to industrial places:
1) Oil and gas industrial site.
2) Heavy industry or light industry manufacturing site.
3) Power plant or transmission line maintenance at night
4) Railway check and maintenance (backpack or equipment mount or tripod mount)
5) Airport
6) Mechanical and plant engineering - temporary job or mission
7) Mining outdoor site without risk of explosive potentials
Places that our balloon lights could be used (not limited to industrial application)
1. Wild road or clearing
2. Construction site
3. Highway or newly built road
4. Airport, railway, station site etc.
5. Forensic spot
6. Underway, cave etc.
7. Warehouse
8. Industrial plant
9. Evacuation or rescue site
10. Police checkpoint
11. Flagger station
12. Event site
13. Drill, training and maneuver locations
14. Farms
Themes that our balloon lights could be related with or involved in for industrial purpose
1. Maintenance
2. Manufacturing
3. Logistic and storage
4. Engineering
5. Construction
6. Safety patrol & check
7. Exploration and field research
8. Outdoor sampling
9. Miscellaneous





1) Balloon lights have become a standard technology to light rescue sites of every dimension. From small car accidents, to technical rescue, to train wrecks in tunnels to airplane crashes in woods, to search and rescue operations in earthquake or flood disaster areas.

2) Balloon lights are highly portable and guarantee much better lighting conditions than provided by conventional light towers or work lights. The glare free and shadow reduced light resembles daylight conditions where no one is blinded, communication is fluent and every handgrip sits perfect. Consequently, our balloon lights leads to drastically improved job performance and safety. In a rescue operation every second counts, every movement is important. Lighting balloons help those who risk everything to achieve their goals in the best possible and safe way.



Sun140M Industry Metal Halide Sun™ balloon light,160cm Diameter-4.2m Tripod telescopic stand,140W(euro)
Sun300M Industry Metal Halide Sun™ balloon light,100cm Diameter-4.2m Tripod telescopic stand,300W(euro)
Sun600M Industry Metal Halide Sun™ balloon light,130cm Diameter-4.2m Tripod telescopic stand,600W(euro)
Sun250M industry Metal Halide Sun™ balloon light,160cm Diameter-4.2m Tripod telescopic stand,250W
Sun400M industry Metal Halide Sun™ balloon light,100cm Diameter-4.2m Tripod telescopic stand,400W
Sun1000M industry Metal Halide Sun™ balloon light,130cm Diameter-4.2m Tripod telescopic stand,1000W
Sun2000M industry Metal Halide Sun™ balloon light,160cm Diameter-4.2m Tripod telescopic stand,2000W
Sun3000M industry Metal Halide Sun™ balloon light,160cm Diameter-4.2m Tripod telescopic stand,3000W
Sun4000M industry Metal Halide Sun™ balloon light,160cm Diameter-4.2m Tripod telescopic stand,4000W
Sun140DM industry Metal Halide Sun™ balloon light,100cm Diameter-4.2m Tripod telescopic stand,140WDC
Sun300DM industry Metal Halide Sun™ balloon light,100cm Diameter-4.2m Tripod telescopic stand,300WDC
Sun600DM industry Metal Halide Sun™ balloon light,100cm Diameter-4.2m Tripod telescopic stand,600WDC


Professional construction lights with no glare

work lights are bright but diffuse the light and get rid of all glare. The result is clear vision with plenty of light all around, 360°. On a construction site everybody sees everything in every direction. This leads to dramatically increased safety and productivity.


Professional light with few shadows

Same thing as with glare: Conventional work lamps and light towers produce strong and harsh shadows. Light from a HAFE SUN® balloon light on the contrary produces diffused and thin shadows at the most! No harsh shadows any more, no dark spots, no blind spots. Smooth light all around. Reduce the risk of trip hazards. Find your exact sawing spot and the right angle. Pour and finish concrete knowing exactly what your results will look like in daylight.


Portable and User Friendly Light For Construction lighting

Construction settings require lighting options that can be adjusted and moved at will. Our LED balloon lights are designed to be set up anywhere and within seconds. Leave them anywhere for days until the job is done. Use our tripods, truck hitches, water tank set up systems or simply hang them of any ceiling or rig. Try this with most other air inflated balloon lights, with, other work lights or even conventional light towers!


Strong And Durable

Naturally, you will also need lighting options that are capable of withstanding the rough and tough environment that constitutes a construction site. Light construction equipment also needs to be capable of standing up to the elements, no matter how demanding they may be, while still delivering professional-grade light.


Our inflatable and balloon light product lineup

Event Solutions Industrial Solutions
Pearl - Balloon Lights for tripod mount, suspension, float/seat. LED, halogen, HID up to 4,800w.
Muse - multifunction and intelligent version balloon lights. LED up to 4,00w.
Aero - special lighting shape decorations as seen cylinder, cone, lotus, sphere, star, horn, tusk etc. DMX control available.
Moon - helium or air filled float or suspension super bright illumination and decoration, up to 10,000 square meter lighted area by single light.
Galaxy - event inflatable tent solution with lighting inside, for 6m, 9m, 12m and 18m diameter application. Holding capacity - several tens of people to hundreds of people.
Azure - helium filled balloon commercial and advertising solution, with lighting inside the head balloon. Integrated flying flag showing large impressive Ad.
Sun - very functional, practical and portable balloon light solution for construction, safety and rescue industries. AC or VC version. LED up to 800w, halogen upto 4,000w, HID up to 4,800w. Lighted area up to 10,000 square meters.
Columus - practical and super bright, easy & portable lighting solution for outdoor illumination - column shape inflatable structure, quick deploy, safe and reliable up to HID2,000w, lighted area 5,000 square meter.


Railway Mining Safety Backpack Balloon Lights In Tungsten Halogen /  LED / HMI 0Railway Mining Safety Backpack Balloon Lights In Tungsten Halogen /  LED / HMI 1