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Hafe International Limited

Hafe International Limited Hafe International Limited Hafe International Limited Hafe International Limited Hafe International Limited
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
Brands: HAFE
Year Established: 2013
Export p.c: 90% - 100%
About Us

HAFE International Limited (HAFE) is a specialized manufacturer and global exporter for Special Lighting, Inflatables and Electricals, Equipment & Tools involved.


Wuxi Fenigal Science and Technology Co. Ltd. is the holding company of HAFE International Limited.


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- to be a successful innovative manufacturer and supplier for special lighting and inflatables with beneficial hardwares used for both event sector and selected industries in global market.


- to provide quality special lighting, inflatables and relavanet electrical products, equipment & tools to our clients and fulfill definite market demands we serve for.


Established in early 2008, HAFE started from a B2B business entity, which integrated manufacturing resources in a list of industrial sectors included but not limited to like lighting, electricals, machinery, logisitic equipment, water etc. Among them, lighting and electrical business were typical of what we were mostly focused in, through not only OEM manufacturing, but also partially and gradually production shift in our own facilities or under our supervision.


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From 2010, a new business - inflatables - attracted our attention, especially those types used in various Event industries. The result of our inflatable business together with some innovative ideas sparked from latest lighting technologies and arising demands in revelant market was the generation of our totally new, unique and special inflatable event lighting and industrial lighting business.


In year 2013, HAFE incorporated its current name as the key division of the company businesses.


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Today, HAFE - businesses include 4 primary categories - Special Lighting, Inflatables, Electricals and Equipment & Tools. And inflatable lighting balloons are special product lineup that makes us different from our counterpart.

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Market Segment

Below are primary market sector our product serve for:


  • - Event
  • - Film & TV
  • - Architecture
  • - Construction
  • - Industries
  • - Safety & Rescue
  • - Outdoor activity

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Global Market

Below map shows where our products are being used:

Our Global Market Coverage


Contact Us

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Hafe international limited history for Inflatable lighting business


Nowadays  each step of HAFE--inflatable lighting business success is with your support. thank you very much!
We cherish the fate of our common development and hope to do more for you in the new 2018!


2017    The world's best-selling products in dozens of countries and regions, win a good reputation in international market, and have developed dealers in many countries and areas.


March 2017       Went into the world famous golden light group supplier base, and successfully exported 2 batches of goods, so far has been established relations and cooperations with the world famous dozens of companies.


November 2016     We formed strategic alliances and cooperative relations with some first-class domestic companies which have several decades of successful experience. and put into production, sales engineering inflatable lighting decoration, industry work-site lighting, so to become a domestic powerful provider of the various types of inflatable lighting and a service provider of integrated service program.

2015                Company R & D team further start develope Sun-series, Pearl series, Muse series, moon Series... inflatable lighting and other new products successfully,from then on further consolidated our capabilities to provide one-stop illuminate solutions for customers around the world.


December 2013 Wuxi factory established, began to enter the international market for customers all over the world.


July 2012         Research team developed a halogen lighting balloon and RGB Led lighting balloon that suitable for various special occasions successfully. further enriched the product line.


January 2012  Another founder who From HAFE International limited has the same ideal and pursuit jointed, using their respective market, technology, marketing advantages complementary, set up team.


June 2009       One of the founders of the company went into the inflatable lighting field, familiar with related industries later,determined to provide a more reliable, environmental, economic inflatable lighting in the market for users.


We are original manufacturer and our businesses reflect our mission to provide high quality products and service solutions to the market we serve, which integrates primarily four organic sections: Specialty lighting, Inflatables, Electricals, Equipment & Tools.




  • SPECIAL LIGHTING: our product lineup includes a wide array of special listing and variations of lighting forms, materials, light sources, applications etc.
    There are 3 main sectors of our lighting business unit: Special Balloon Lights, Inflatable lighting products - decoration & illumination, and Conventional lighting for special market.
  • INFLATABLES: inflatable product business is one of the two main business sections we are focused on. Our product lineup includes some subcategories: Inflatables for event, sheltering, temporary housing purpose, industries etc.
  • ELECTRICALS: our product lineup includes a wide array of special electrical and eletronic products etc. They are normally intended for supplementary use with our lighting or inflatables. There are several sub-sectors in our electrical lineup: Power supply and control, Electr,safety, Air control and Cables & wires etc.
  • EQUIPMENT & TOOLS: equipment & tools includes functional equipment, hardware, transport case, tools, which are primarily for event, film & TV, industries, safety and rescue etc.

Our Team

Team building is the secret keeping our company growing. The people are the most important asset to the company.
A professional design team is growing along with the company’s development. More and more innovative concepts come out of their accumulated experience and excellent skills. Also, with the skillful and advanced production technology, various of new product ideas are coming into reality.
Inflatable is an innovative concept ,we always focused on the various popular inflatable decoration and entertainment,keep our pace with the newest international events decorlation elements and continue use them on our inflatable design.match with the design.

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