FAQ about Fim lighting

December 8, 2023

Q: Ok, could you please help me to understand how your company works.

If we do and order how long is going to take to have it?


A: Thanks for your interest. Our film lighting balloon range is named “Artemis” just to differentiating other range we have. How long it takes depends on what type of lighting balloon and how big balloon of dimension it is you want, and it also related with if our production is busy/overloaded or not when you place order.

Normally, the production of 1-4 balloons lead time is 35-45 working days, or 40-60 working days at busy season. For example for a LED tube (dia.2.5x5m) 2500w, it takes 38 working days from raw materials to assembly and test finish and ready for shipment.

Why? Because “Artemis” is a customized product, even same power LED configuration, different customer may have different questions and requirements in, like, mount or LED power/color options etc. –some would only helium, some only hanging, some would both. And the balloon fabric is special treated fabric, not a normal cloth, so it runs out stock suddenly if a few orders come in at the same time. So, the order coming in later may wait a little longer time.


Q: Don’t you have an office or factory? You are very far and we need to know a bit better your company.


A: We have an office of course. Importantly, we are designer and controller of balloon fabrication process and we have a factory that is doing special fabric cutting and welding, namely, our factory not only produce balloon products but it also produces other welded products. Please note the balloon is mainly fabricated through “industrial sewing” and “HF/Hot Melt Welding”.

Due to film lighting balloon is highly cost, so we do not keep a stock of product, besides, the material will get aged then looks a little old after a certain period of time for materials – fabric balloon, LED etc., so we would suggest interested clients to see some of past work on our Google drive link:



Q:Do you have any technician that can explain us how to use the balloons? Maybe could be easier to comunicate by call, soon we can see each other and have a chat. Thank you so much


A: Actually, the use of it is simple (not as hard as you think, especially if your team has a gaffer know knows a little about this type of lighting). Just setup process 1-2 hours, then inflate and rise up and turn on and control.

If you want, we could talk via Microsoft meeting room.